Strengthening Strategy Stewardship Workshop 2016

20160623 SNZ workshop schedule - version 5 FS [Draft]
The Institute hosted a one-day workshop to discuss good practice in public service strategy development and the day-to-day issues this presents. In the morning, participants heard from consultants from the private sphere as well as academics. In the afternoon, speakers and participants worked together to create A Guide for Developing Government Department Strategy Documents.

This workshop was open to the public service but priority was given to those that have been following our StrategyNZ work. The workshop featured consultants from the private sphere as well as academics.

Special thanks to PwC and Victoria University of Wellington for their support.


Dr Ian Ball
Chairman of CIPFA International (the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting) and Chairman of the Audit Committee for the financial statements of the New Zealand Government. Previously he was Chief Executive Officer of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) (2002–2013) and Chairman of the McGuinness Institute - StrategyNZ Workshop FlyerIFAC Public Sector Committee (1995–2000).

Professor Stephen Cummings
Professor Stephen Cummings is Professor of Strategic Management at Victoria University and author of a number of books on strategy, including most recently Strategy Builder: How to Create and Communicate More Effective Strategies.

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson has been Deputy Chief Executive of the Ministry of Transport since August 2011, and Acting Chief Executive since 1 July 2016. He also leads the Specialist Advice and Strategy Group. He was previously Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Development, where he was responsible for policy relating to regulation of financial markets, company law, intellectual property and competition law, and trade tariff policy.

Dr Simon Wakeman
Dr Simon Wakeman is Principal Advisor at the New Zealand Productivity Commission and previously Associate Professor of Strategy at the European School of Management & Technology.