3 Questions Survey





Prior to StrategyNZ: Mapping our Future, the Institute conducted a survey to canvass the concerns of New Zealanders. We received 165 responses. The survey results were used to inform participants at the workshop and provided valuable insights into a number of strategic uncertainties that were keeping New Zealanders awake at night.

Working Paper 2011/13: hat strategic uncertainties keep you awake at night (468 KB)

The questions we asked were:

What strategic uncertainties keep you awake at night in regard to:

  1. the future of your business?
  2. the future of Christchurch?
  3. the future of New Zealand?

Why strategic uncertainties?

Professor Robert Simons (HBS), in his recent book Seven Strategy Questions: A simple approach for better execution, argues that in order for a company to make the most of its competitive strategy it has to constantly be asking the right questions. He posits seven key questions that should be a part of this process, the last of which is ‘What strategic uncertainties keep you awake at night?’ We felt that a summary of answers to this question would provide an invaluable insight for individuals, businesses and government agencies wishing to understand the challenges ahead. It is also an opportunity to reflect and develop ideas about how New Zealanders might explore and invest in the future of our people.