Upcoming Report

The Institute has been working on Report 15 — Strengthening Strategy Stewardship in the Public Service. 

The purpose of the report is to contribute to a discussion on how we might improve the quality of strategy development and implementation in the public service. The Institute’s thinking has been reinforced by Sir Michael Barker’s recent book titled: How to Run a Government so that Citizens Benefit and Taxpayers don’t go Crazy (2015). In this book Sir Michael Barber, who previously served the UK government as Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (from 2001–2005), argues that stewardship is a fundamental responsibility of government and that there are three aspects to stewardship:

  1. Strategy (the strategic direction)
  2. Monitoring (the performance of the system)
  3. Human capital (that the necessary human capital is in place and that it is properly regulated with the required skills and motivations).

To assist in our research for the report we held the 2016 StrategyNZ workshop for the public service on 14 July 2016. Click here for more information on this one-day workshop.

Also in preparation for the report we published Working Paper 2016/01: History of strategy stewardship in the New Zealand public service 1980–2016 in July 2016. We identified this as the missing gap in the policy landscape. This area of history has proved quite elusive for our researchers due to the complex nature of the events discussed, and the difficulty of accessing some historic resources and reports which describe significant changes in public management. Because of this, we acknowledge that we may have inadvertently excluded some important events from the timeline, or misrepresented the significance of some that we have included. This paper is available on the Institute’s publications page.